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Piano Tuning

Like any other device, your piano needs care and maintenance too.

Tuning is the perfect way to check the health of your piano. It is normal for a piano to fall out of tune after some use. Even if the piano is not in use, the strings will stretch gradually with time, causing the piano to fall out of tune. It is therefore absolutely necessary to tune the piano regularly so it plays perfectly and also for longer periods of time. We, at Symphony Syndicates, recommend that you tune your piano at least three to four times in the first year, at least two times the second year and thereafter once every year. Before playing in any programs or concerts, tuning is a must. Regular tuning will help keep up to pitch and playing the correct notes.

Our skilled technician will do a perfect job. Regulation. Pitch correction. Voicing. Tune your piano, today!

Piano Repair

If your piano functions badly, it may need repair. Our piano technicians will help you keep your piano in the best condition. We take care of all kinds of repairs such as fixing broken strings, adjusting the piano dampers, wobbling hammers and sticky keys, replacing chipped or missing ivories, identifying structural issues and eliminating buzzes, squeals and other extraneous noises.

Moving a piano

It is not as simple as it sounds. Don’t try it yourself!

Pianos should be moved only by professionals who are properly trained, insured and have the proper equipment. We have experts who are thoroughly equipped for safely moving these expensive, large and delicate instruments. We stretch wrap your piano and all the delicate organs and ensure that everything is completely protected during loading and unloading. Your sentiments matter to us!

Anytime, anywhere – let us know and we will move the piano for you.

Piano Rental

We offer several sizes of pianos for rental. Our rentals are affordable and hassle-free. We provide quality pianos for all types of events, be it concerts, weddings, private parties school programs, or church programs. Our rental pianos are maintained to the highest standards, and always include professional, on-time delivery and set-up.

Stage Trussing

Are you looking for stage trusses rental for your programme or event? You’ve landed in the right place.We have a huge collection of trussing systems, ranging from versatile stages, decking and truss displays for any kind of event – be it corporate events, award function, fashion show, concerts, exhibitions, productions, shows, or the like. With us, you are sure to have a safe and reliable experience. Our well-trained team will create a perfect staging, with safety at the core of all we do.

Lightings Rental

Nothing creates a better ambience than perfect lightings! Whether you have an outdoor event or an indoor event, lightings matter. They matter the most. From simple par lights to scanners, from moving heads to sky trackers, we are here to offer you the perfect solution that will cater to your specialised lighting needs and help create an ambience you want. Our technicians will make sure you can sit back and relax.

  1. Moving Head Spot / Wash / Beam
  2. Scanner
  3. Follow Spots
  4. LED Block / Palco
  5. LED Par / LED Wash
  6. Profile / Fresnel
  7. Strobe / Effect Lights
  8. Smoke / Haze
  9. Par 64
  10. City Colour (Outdoor Lighting)
  11. Aveolite Console
  12. SGM Console

Sound Rental

We are here to provide you with professional sound rental services. With our wide selection of premium equipment for enhanced sound effects, we are sure to add a touch of elegance to your programme.

  • Subwoofers
  • Portable live sound
  • Loudspeaker system
  • Drum kit microphone
  • Console

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